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BBQ and Summer. Summer and BBQ.

“Alright, the sun is out, the grill is hot and the pool is luke. If I can interest you in a swim and a little BBQ, just follow me.” – Kevin, Meet the Parents

Hello BBQ. So happy you're here. Photo courtesy of Burn Co.

Hello BBQ. So happy you're here. Photo courtesy of Burn Co.

It’s true, summer and barbeque go together, right?? Just agree with me. It is vital to the progression of this article, mmmmkay? So, I’ve decided it’s time. Time for me to scour the fair city of Tulsa (and maybe a few places just outside of Tulsa) for the “Top 3 Best Barbeque Joints.” Summer is upon us, the patios are open, and the fragrance of barbeque seems to mesmerize your food cravings and leave you asking, “where can I get some ridiculously good BBQ??? Like now.”

(Cue why this is a relevant article to your life and the pursuit of BBQ happiness…)

Barbeque is not just slappin’ some meat on a grill and hopin’ for the best. Nope. It’s an art form. You need to know what you’re doing! And I don’t trust myself enough to attempt it. And I love to cook. And I made what was supposed to be barbequed beef brisket that was truly like shoe leather for a party of 15 people. Ahhhhh!!! Nightmare. Anyway, my point is that when you find good barbeque it becomes a staple in your life and you’re the person saying, “you have to go to such and such place they have the best brisket E-V-E-R.” Okay, because of the varied opinions on what’s the best I’ve taken a “where should I go eat BBQ” poll. Here is the list thus far:

Big Daddy’s, Billy Sims, Elmer’s, Back Alley Blues and BBQ, Albert G’s, Billy Ray’s, Burn Co., Wilson’s BBQ, and Treehouse.

We all know barbeque isn’t barbeque without the companionship of a great sauce. Thanks to my friend, Laura, who recently made a very valid point that perhaps I should also look at the best barbeque sauces. I agree. So you’ll read about those as well during this little adventure. Keep your eyes out for the posts about BBQ here very soon!

Oh and feel free to comment with other suggestions! Here’s to my waistline growing and loving every minute of it. Pass the BBQ sauce, please.

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May 17th, 2011


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