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We’re Baaaaaack!

After a brief hiatus, TulsaGuide.com is back! (applause, applause!) We took a vacation to a deserted island, lived off the land for a while and then decided that Tom Hanks did a good enough job of that in “Castaway” and packed up and headed back home.

Tulsa we missed you! Did you miss us? Don’t answer if you’re going to say no. But, we love you anyway. Oh, Tulsa, my Tulsa!

Now that we are moving full-speed ahead, be sure to check out all the funny, exciting, fresh stories, events, shenanigans and propaganda that will occur on here. And if you think of something that you would like to see more of on the site, do tell! We are meeting with people that want to share their stories with us, advertise and write for TulsaGuide – if you’re one of those folks, shoot an email over and we’ll chat! Okay, gotta go explore Tulsa. Seeyoulaterbye!

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May 16th, 2011



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