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Birthday Party Places

So your kiddo has a birthday coming up, huh? If you’re wanting to avoid the backyard party with the scary clown resembling “Krusty” from The Simpsons, kids screaming in fear, birthday presents floating in the pool and the kid that hurls on the quilt your great-great grandmother passed down. To steer clear of all that […]

ONEOK Field Progress

If you are excited about the new Drillers stadium, now you can look at construction activity every day if you want to. On top of Tulsa’s City Hall building is a digital camera that captures the day-by-day earth-moving and construction work at ONEOK Field near the historic Greenwood District in downtown Tulsa. The camera updates […]

Tulsa City Council Meeting

Tulsa has a new opportunity to grow – and you can help. As you know, the Tulsa City Council has been discussing the relocation of the Tulsa Drillers stadium to a new location downtown. The lease terms have been agreed to, in principle, and now the remaining issue is the creation of a proposed public […]