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Tulsa Zoo presents Starry Safari!

The Starry Safari is a member-only zoo overnight adventure that will happen one night only on Friday, May 20th, 2011 at 6:00pm. You'll have a chance to tour the zoo AFTER hours (Ooooo...how cool and oh-so-exciting!) and swing over to the Nature Exchange for some more fun.

Birthday Party Places

So your kiddo has a birthday coming up, huh? If you’re wanting to avoid the backyard party with the scary clown resembling “Krusty” from The Simpsons, kids screaming in fear, birthday presents floating in the pool and the kid that hurls on the quilt your great-great grandmother passed down. To steer clear of all that […]

New at the Zoo

Lots of new things and happenings at the Tulsa Zoo this year. They have a brand new train, thanks to a generous donation from ONEOK. The train features a tiger themed exterior, boasting a bright orange body with slick black stripes. The old train was 25 years old and was known for frequent breakdowns. If […]

White Party :: September 5

An increasingly popular event across the globe called a White Party is finally making its debut in Tulsa.  Enjoy a state of the art evening drenched in white luxury at the Tulsa Zoo, at the fourth annual White Party hosted by Wesley Winston Cox. A Parisian tradition brought exclusively to Tulsa, it’s an evening to […]

Free Day at the Tulsa Zoo :: August 2

For your continued support and patronage, the Tulsa Zoo is giving a big THANK YOU to the community and a big relief to your wallet on August 2nd. Admission into the Tulsa Zoo will be free! That’s right, the Tulsa Zoo is giving back to you by offering free admission to everyone. Their way of […]