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Man vs. Food Watch Party at Joe Momma’s

“Man vs. Food” recently visited Tulsa and made several stops to check out our local food scene. Adam Richman, host of the show, along with the crew filmed a food challenge at Joe Momma’s, a rockin’ pizza restaurant in the Blue Dome district. This is where a Tulsa firefighter took on the extreme Incinerator challenge. […]

New Stores and Restaurants

Lots of new stores and restaurants are sprouting up in downtown Tulsa and in the Broken Arrow suburb. In the downtown area, a couple new restaurants opened – the Dilly Deli opened its doors to people in the mood for a large sandwich, and Elote’, a fresh Mexican food restaurant, just opened for dinner.  It […]

Fresh, Local Food Even After Summer

Summer is winding down and that means in a few weeks, many of the farmers markets will be closing shop. That presents a real dilemma if you still want to buy fresh and local food. The problem is solved in the Buy Fresh Buy Local food guide. The guide features listings of farmers by what […]