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Ride Around Tulsa in a Pedicab

Introducing Pedicabs…a novel mode of transportation downtown and in the Tulsa area. Pedicabs are already really popular in large cities and urban areas across the country and around the world. Golzern Pedicabs has been in business for quite some time, but with the revitalization of downtown, this fun way to get around will probably increase in popularity.

Bethany Henretty of and her husband run three bike taxis at Golzern Pedicabs and look forward to adding to the fleet as downtown flourishes. They pedal for a tip from $5 to $10. Henretty says services like her pedicabs add charm and character to downtown Tulsa. She also feels they could eventually be another of the attractions to bring more people to Tulsa’s hub.

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August 26th, 2008



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