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Art:Untamed at Tulsa Zoo

Art UntamedThe Tulsa Zoo just might be one of the only places that a 100-year-old Aldabra Tortoise paints a piece of art with his feet. The project is called Art:UNTAMED, and quite a few animals participate, everything from the meerkats to the penguins. Even Dufus the Flamingo painted one. It’s animal enrichment, a way for zookeepers to interact with the animals and it’s a fundraiser.

The artwork is currently exhibited on the walls of Joe Momma’s Pizza Downtown. The collection will be on display through the end of April, and the paintings are for sale with funds going to support the Tulsa Zoo.

Joe Momma’s Downtown is located at 112 S Elgin Ave, downtown Tulsa and art can be seen during regular business hours. So stop in for a slice on the wild side at Joe Momma’s and also receive valuable coupons on Tulsa Zoo admission, all month long.

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April 3rd, 2009




  1. Awesome! Tulsa Zoo, cool Art and Joe Momma’s pizza, sounds like a day to me.

    Thanks guys!

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  2. Stuart

    I really like the Polar bear one at Joe Mommas. Its just 2 giant paws, and a nose print. White background, Black paint.

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