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Tulsa’s Top 10 Twitter Users

TwitterTwitter is the 3rd largest social networking site that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets.  It’s gained quite a bit of momentum in the last year, and people love it for communicating and staying connected through the exchange of quick, frequent status updates.

I’m posting a list of the Top 10 Twitter users in Tulsa. Why? Because its interesting to read what’s going on with some of the coolest people in T-town. You can learn who is doing what at the precise time its happening. What is Cindy Morrison eating for dinner? What is the latest from Tulsa World? You can know this if you follow these top 10 “tweeters” that are from this top 50 list.

To see their latest tweet, or to follow their updates, simply click on their twitter name.

1. Ron Hudson (ron_hudson) – Author, award winning blogger, Shorty Award’s nominee, host of Immediate Influence, & CM.NLP. Strategic Influence, Social Influence, & Web 2.0 Influence
Website: www.immediateinfluenceblog.com

2. LaneVids (lanevids) – Vlogger; Blogger; Filmmaker; Digital Dude; New Media Guy! Awww… Shiggity Shank!!! I have a cat, a hedgehog, a robotic vacuum, and a robotic lawnmower.
Website: www.lanevids.com

3. Noah Everett (noaheverett) – Creator of twitpic, a very popular application that lets you share photos via twitter.
Website: www.twitpic.com

4. pingfm (pingfm) – Based in Tulsa, Ping.fm is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.
Website: www.ping.fm

5. Jenn Sierra (jennsierra) – I follow Jesus Christ, love America, support our military, hate terrorism, promote American conservatism, and disdain “progressivism.”
Website: www.forthardknox.com

6. Adonya Wong (adonyawong) – Mom to an amazing son | Author | Autism Activist | Founder, M.O.C.H.A. – Mothers of Color for Holistic Alternatives | Cougar
Website: www.throughtheeyesofautism.com

7. Todd Gilmore (ToddGilmore) – Another Tulsa entrepreneur that founded Park Avenue Domains, where they provide ideas for company or product names that are available as URL’s.
Website: www.parkavenuedomains.com

8. Kent Shaffer (kentshaffer) – Co-founder of TulsaLoop, a young entrepreneur living in Tulsa with a top 50 church marketing blog called churchrelevance.com
Website: www.bombaycreative.com

9. Kristen Turley (kristen_okla) – Passionate about family, friends, the Cubs, shoes & PR/Mktg | APR | Social media enthusiast | PRSA SW dist board member

10. Gerald Buckley (geraldbuckley) – Founder of grocio.com, a Tulsa based start up that compares local grocery prices. In entrepreneurial mode & seeking funding.
Website: www.grocio.com

Some other interesting people that made the Top 50 list:

Tulsa World (tulsaworld) – Latest News from The Tulsa World every 30 minutes via twitterfeed.com

Diane White (dknews) – Former TV Anchor/Reporter turned entrepreneur/business owner. Runs an interactive marketing & PR firm w/ another woman.

Cindy Morrison (CindyWMorrison) – Emmy award winning TV Anchor & Investigative Reporter / Author / Speaker / Mom

Tulsa Craft Mafia (tulsacraftmafia) – We’re Keeping Tulsa Crafty – Tara-Christine-Amby-Renee-Holly-Estela-Brigid-Andrea-Emily
Website: www.tulsacraftmafia.com

Tulsa Food Blog (tulsafood) – Tulsa restaurants casually reviewed by normal everyday people who live to eat.
Website: www.tulsafoodblog.com/blog

Jennifer Loren (newsjen) – Jennifer Loren, Anchor/Reporter at The News on 6. Follow me and help develop my daily stories. and… WATCH THE NEWS ON 6 AT 9pm!! (That’s on CW12/19)

If you are not a twitter user, then sign up. It’s free! Soon you could be following Tulsa’s elite tweeters.

[ Compiled from a list of Tulsa’s Top 50 ]

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March 31st, 2009



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  2. Thank for posting this list for fellow Tulsans can discover a way to instantly communicate with family, friends, colleagues, clients, and customers. I also appreciate the link to my twitter account and blog! Come connect, build, and expand the visibility of your business using http://twitter.com and http://ping.fm

    Again, thank you very much for posting this list and the links!



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  3. evie shaffer

    You are welcome!

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