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New Stores and Restaurants

EloteLots of new stores and restaurants are sprouting up in downtown Tulsa and in the Broken Arrow suburb. In the downtown area, a couple new restaurants opened – the Dilly Deli opened its doors to people in the mood for a large sandwich, and Elote’, a fresh Mexican food restaurant, just opened for dinner.  It was formerly open for lunch only.

Dwelling Spaces, an eclectic store which sells mostly goods made in Oklahoma, just opened a second location in the Philcade building.

Broken Arrow opened a new Target store last week, and half a dozen retailers will be opening new stores by the summer. Olive Garden will open near Marshalls, and Charleston’s Steakhouse will be next to Bass Pro.

In addition to stores like Wal-Mart and Marshalls opening, Broken Arrow is also building a new movie theatre near Kenosha Street.

Most of the chain stores will have their grand openings by the end of May.

[ Via KJRH and News on 6 ]

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March 24th, 2009


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