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Tulsa has a fun and convenient transportation method that some may not know about. T-Town Trolley is a FREE shuttle to and from Tulsa’s entertainment districts. The Trolley runs every Thursday-Saturday from 9pm-2am and links four of Tulsa‚Äôs entertainment districts in what’s called “The Loop”; Brookside, Cherry Street, Downtown, and 18th and Boston.

You must get a Budweiser Token in any bar along The Loop to hop on board the T-Town Trolley. According to their myspace page, they have shuttled over 4,000 people since starting in March.

The trolley makes continuous round trips with several stops every 30 minutes: 3rd and Elgin near McNellie’s, 18th and Boston, the Crow Creek Tavern on Brookside, Sharkie’s and the Empire Bar at 15th and Peoria.

Blake Lund, of Blake Promotions, and owner of T-Town Trolleys, hopes that other private investors and companies will step up to the plate so that the Trolley can eventually include three or more trolley cars, and travel even farther south along Riverside to the Jenks River Walk area.

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August 1st, 2008



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