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Beat the Heat :: Splash Pads in Tulsa

So far this August, Tulsa hasn’t had a trace of rain and hasn’t seen anything but triple-digit highs. We endured the hottest day of the year Sunday, hitting a high of 104 degrees. With more triple digit heat on the way, its nice to have an armory of options on how to beat the heat without having to stay cooped up indoors. Big Splash is always an option, but for some good free fun, you can visit one of Tulsa’s 20+ splash pads. Usually open until the end of August, the splash pads are open most park hours. The curfew for Tulsa area parks is 10 p.m.

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Most Popular

Pielsticker Park – located on 36th Street North between Sheridan Road and Memorial Drive, inside Mohawk Park. There is a parking fee of two dollars per car if you are not a Zoo Friends member or Friends of Oxley Membership. The park is located to the East of the Zoo Entrance.
Helmerich Park – located on Riverside Drive Between 71st and 81st Streets.
Hunter Park – located just off of 91st Street between Sherdian and Yale.

North Tulsa

Archer Park – located on Archer Street four blocks west of Harvard Avenue.
Cheyenne Playground – located one block north of Pine Street on Main Street, near downtown.
Crutchfield Park – located on independence street one block east of Peoria Avenue, North of Highway 244/412.
Dawson Park – located on Kingston Place between Virgin Street and Pine street about 5 blocks west of Sherdian.
Lacy Park – located near the corner of Peoria Avenue and Virgin Street, about one block north of Virgin Street on Madison Avenue.
Springdale Park – just west of the corner of East Pine Street and Lewis Avenue, accessible from North Zunis Avenue.
Wheeling Park – located just north of Virgin Street on North Wheeling Avenue.
Vining Park – located on North Cincinnati Avenue just south of 66th Street North.

West Tulsa

Carbondale Park – located on the corner of West 48th Street South and South 28th West Avenue, in the neighborhood between South 25th West Avenue and West 51st Street South.
Johnson Park – located on Riverside Drive just off of the Creek Turnpike between 101 Street South and Delaware Avenue.
Owen Park – located just off of the Sand Springs Expressway (aka 412), on West Edison Street.
Penney Park – located nearly on the corner of Charles Page Boulevard and South 42st West Avenue, easily accessible from highway 51 (Sand Springs Expressway).
Reed Park – located on the large corner of West 41st Street South and South Union Avenue West.
Schlegel Park – located on the block of South 38th West Avenue and West 53rs Place South which is just under two miles from highway 44 and about two miles from South 33rd West Avenue.
Zeigler Park – located on the corner of South 41st West Avenue and West 4th Street South.

South Tulsa

Braden Park – located in the neighborhood with the cross streets of East 11th Street South and South Yale Avenue’ on 9th Street south.
Florence Park – located in the neighborhood behind East 21st Street South and South Harvard Avenue on Gary Avenue between 21st Street South and 19th Street South.
Highland Park – located on the corner of East 36th Street South and South Yale Avenue.
Maple Park – located near down town between South Madison Avenue and South Cincinnati Place on East 15th Street South.
Tracy Park – located on the corner of East 11th Street South and South Peoria Avenue.
Veterans Park – fills the large block between West 21st Street South and East 18th Street West with the cross street of South Boulder Drive.
Kendall-Whittier Park – accessed From South Lewis Avenue by taking East 5th Place South to the corner of East 5th Place South and South Columbia Avenue South.
Zink Park – the corner of East 31st Street South and South Trenton Avenue, which is just to the east of the intersection of East 31st Street South and South Peoria Avenue.

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August 4th, 2008




  1. Are there any parks in Broken Arrow? That’s all way on the other side of the city from me. Please let me know. Thanks … lanez_2001@yahoo.com

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  2. tulsaloop

    Yes, four splash pads in Broken Arrow. They are located at:

    Camino Villa Park
    2812 East Madison Place

    Haskell Park
    604 East Dallas Street

    Rockwood West Park
    1308 North Narcissus Ave

    Seiling Park
    525 West Iola Street

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