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How ‘Bout that Heat?

Here are some great ways to cool off when you can’t beat the heat!

The last dog days of summer in Tulsa...

Oh, me oh my. Could it be any more scorching in Tulsa? Seriously, I open my front door and feel like I’ve opened the door to a steam sauna. I’ve actually reached the point where I no longer dry and style my hair because I still look like frizz-head no matter how much product I use. Oklahoma heat, how I love to hate thee.

As a result of this incessant desire to figure how in the world I can keep cool during the last dog days of summer, I’ve discovered some pretty creative escapes into the world of cool. None of which includes one of those mini fans dangling around your neck.

I know, I know…you were hoping for that. But let’s not knock the mini fan necklace.

1. Massive Slip-n-Slide Party.
This is basically a ginormous tarp with sprinklers on each side and grab your crew of

The last dog days of summer in Tulsa…

friends and family. Add some soap to make it extra crazy!

2. A N-Ice Pool Party.
A couple of options here. If you own your own in-ground pool you are going to need a ton of ice – but how sweet would that be to swim in a pool with a bunch of ice cubes. Secondly, maybe you grab one of those mini pools, load it up with ice and water and jump on in.

3. Oilers Ice Center.
Icy fun for everyone! Public skates are Monday-Friday, 11:30-1:30; Friday night skate from 8pm-11pm; Saturday, 12pm-2pm and Sunday, 1-3pm and with a skate rental, it’s $8.50.

4. Splash Pad City.
The River Parks Plaza (also called the 41st Street Plaza) splash pad is so cool – be a kid again and splash around! Hunter Park is located in south Tulsa on the south side of 91st Street between Sheridan and Yale. They have a great splash pad park with your name on it! Owen Park has a brand new splash pad you have got to check out! It’s just northwest of downtown.

5. Chandler Park Pool Time.
Two pools at this west Tulsa park. They also have sheltered picnicking, rock climbing and disc golf.

There are about 3 weeks of heat left in Tulsa, so stay cool and get ready for fall!

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August 22nd, 2010


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