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Urban fishing and free fishing clinics

ufishingNo need to gas up the tank and head out of town to “wet a hook” this summer. Their are plenty of near-by fishing holes right here in Tulsa. The Oklahoma Wildlife Department has done a lot of research to determine the types of fish found in urban Tulsa, and if new species are moving in. Below is a list of 16 open to the public fishing areas within Tulsa. By clicking the link you can find out if your odds for catching a large mouth bass, channel cat, sunfish, etc are LOW, MODERATE or HIGH.

If you’re new to fishing and are looking to learn more about the sport of fishing, check out the free clinics hosted by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. More Info: Click Here

Ready to go? Don’t forget. If you’re required to have a fishing license. Get yours online. Click Here. For License Requirements/Exemptions Click Here.

1: Lynn Lane Reservoir 7: Metcalf 13: Redford
2: Brookwood 8: Minshall Park 14: Sherry Lake
3: Crescent Pond 9: Mohawk Park 15: The Gardens
4: Garden Ridge Pond 10: MS6 16: Yahola
5: Hunter Park 11: Nelson Park  
6: Leake Park 12: Owen Park  

Tulsa Urban Fishing

photo credit – flickr: Topato

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June 1st, 2009


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