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living arts - new arts camp 09July 13th-24th Enroll Now for a great program for young artists from grades 5-12, 8:30-4:30 each day for 2 weeks. Learn video, sculpture, performance and new music skills and then put them together in an interdisciplinary artwork!

VIDEO: Students will learn the basics of video—camcorder anatomy, story boarding, idea development, lighting, sound, and editing. Whether the student ends up using projectors and television sets, the main emphasis of this portion of the New Arts Camp will be to use video in ways which connect with other art forms like sculpture, performance or music.

SCULPTURE: Students work with a variety of visual materials to create 3-dimensional sculptural artworks. This may include installation artworks, kinetic sculpture, funkiture, or other sculpture that connects with other art forms like video, performance, or new music.

PERFORMANCE: In this class, students will be given the opportunity to learn how their bodies, words, and movements can be used as elements of an artwork. Emphasis will be on taking personal expressions to a new poetic level. Performances may connect with other art forms such as video, sculptural, or music art forms as well.

NEW MUSIC: This is a class in the creation of new compositions utilizing a variety of instruments which the students create and play. Hand drumming techniques will also be taught as well as different ways of composing which may connect with other elements such as video, sculpture, and performance art.

NEW ARTS TALKS: Each day students will learn about those artists of today who are making interdisciplinary artworks that combine the elements that they are studying. Artists such as: John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Bill Viola, Nam Jun Paik are presented in video presentations, demonstrations, and slide discus-sions to help students learn about the artists making a differ-ence in the art world of today.

Contact Living Arts if you have questions (918) 585-1234
or email steve@livingarts.org

Enrollment Application: Click Here
More Info: Click Here

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May 22nd, 2009



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