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Community Gardens

Community GardenCity Council is considering a proposed ordinance amendment that would allow Community Gardens by right in all zoning districts. What an old-fashioned concept…growing your own food and sharing with your neighbors. The idea really brings you back to a simpler time, and I like that.

The downtown Brady Heights neighborhood has already adopted this concept. The community enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables and will soon be adding fruit trees. Entering their third summer of bounty, they host monthly work days to keep up the garden.

Strangely, the Council has welcomed it so far with a little less than open arms. Some councilors worry that Community Gardens might be a nuisance, or should require “special exceptions” to allow “neighbor input” before seeds touch the soil. (This would mean that anyone who wanted to improve their neighborhood by offering their property for use as a community garden would have to shell out $750-1,000 to go through the BOA and obtain a special exception.)

If you support Community Gardening in Tulsa, contact the City Council and let them know.

Email your City Councilor at: DistX@tulsacouncil.org (insert your council district number in lieu of the “x.”) Not sure which district you reside in? Look it up on this handy map.
Or call your Councilor: 596-1990

Listen to an interview with Duane Cuthbertson (INCOG) and Corey Williams (Sustainable Tulsa) as they discuss the Community Garden proposal on Studio Tulsa.

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April 16th, 2009




  1. To tell taxpayers they cannot participate in or start a community garden is ridiculous! If the city cares as much as they say they do about greening the 918, perhaps they should realize community gardening would be a step in the right direction. How ’bout them apples?

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