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Fresh, Local Food Even After Summer

Summer is winding down and that means in a few weeks, many of the farmers markets will be closing shop. That presents a real dilemma if you still want to buy fresh and local food.

The problem is solved in the Buy Fresh Buy Local food guide. The guide features listings of farmers by what they produce — nuts, dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, honey, even Christmas trees — and then lists them by county, making it an invaluable resource for where to find locally grown items.

The guides are available at Tulsa City-County libraries, Conrad Farms, Carmichael’s, Center 1 Market, Local Table, Harvard Meats, Elote and Blue Jackalope.

The Buy Fresh Buy Local guides also have a guide to seasonal availability in northeastern Oklahoma and a listing of restaurants and caterers who use seasonal, locally produced foods.

[ Via Tulsa World ]

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September 11th, 2008



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