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Tulsa’s Art Deco Architecture

Many don’t know that Downtown Tulsa is home to one of the largest concentrations of Art Deco architecture in the country. Preservation Magazine recently profiled the city of Tulsa for its art deco style in a cover story for its July/August issue.

The magazine article notes details like intricate grillwork, leaded windows, and glazed terra cotta motifs on the Philcade, the curved glass-block corners of the City Veterinary Hospital, and zigzag ornamentation on columns and light fixtures at the Tulsa Club as examples of the style.

Three types of Art Deco, all found in downtown Tulsa, define the art deco style of the 1920s:  ZigZag, PWA, and Streamline.

Buildings downtown in the ZigZag style:
* Boston Avenue United Methodist Church (1929)
* The Public Service of Oklahoma Building (1929)
* The Oklahoma Natural Gas Building (1928)
* The Philcade Building (1931)
* The Gillette-Tyrrell Building (1930)

Buildings downtown in the PWA style:
* The Tulsa Union Depot (1931)
* The Tulsa Fire Alarm Building (1931)

Buildings downtown in the Streamline style:
* The Mayo Motor Inn (1950)
* The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority Terminal (1998)

Read more about Tulsa’s architectural background.

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