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Rose Bowl Building to Open Soon

This might interest the sentimentalists out there with fond memories of bowling in the distinct, if not oddly shaped, pink landmark. The abandoned Rose Bowl building here in Tulsa will be reincarnated as an events center and officially open on July 31st. The revamped establishment on Historic Route 66 will be hosting a kick-off show with punk acts Guttermouth, the New School Kings and the Bent Gents.

After a long run of arson, vandalism, and neglect, the building gained a new life under owner Sam Baker. Baker has painstakingly converted the alley into a general events center that will host everything from wedding receptions to poetry slams.

With a new life it also has a new look. Gone is the purple tinted exterior, replaced by a rosy pink terra cotta that returns the building to some of its original glory. The interior remodeling includes both a restaurant and a bar.

The owner raised some of the reconstruction money by auctioning off much of the old bowling equipment. The lanes went to a sushi restaurant under development in Los Angeles, and one lane was even sold to Dirty’s Tavern in downtown Tulsa where it was transformed into a bar top.

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July 24th, 2008



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