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Man vs. Food Watch Party at Joe Momma’s

“Man vs. Food” recently visited Tulsa and made several stops to check out our local food scene. Adam Richman, host of the show, along with the crew filmed a food challenge at Joe Momma‚Äôs, a rockin’ pizza restaurant in the Blue Dome district. This is where a Tulsa firefighter took on the extreme Incinerator challenge. […]

Prep Your Pup For Summertime

Lola soaking in some sun...just for a bit!

Parkhill’s South Liquor & Wine in South Tulsa

Parkhill's Liquor and Wine has recently opened its brand spankin' new doors in South Tulsa ( northwest corner of 101st and Memorial, by QuikTrip)! What a beautiful store!

Hosting a Party? Make These – ‘Cause They’re Awesome.

I have heard flutters of conversation and seen posts about "Cake Pops." For some unknown reason I want to say it really slow, like, Caaaaaaake Pops, because after you have one you go into this weird trance-like state from the overwhelming goodness.

Get your discs out! And I’m not talking CDs.

Disc Golf! Disc Golf. Not to be confused with "frolf." The two are very different. Disc golf has a more defined set of rules played out on courses that are specifically designed for the sport. In frolf, the world is your course, so to speak.

You Raise ME Up, Josh Groban!

Josh Groban is coming to Tulsa and struttin' his stuff on the BOK Center Stage May 20th! Do you have your tickets?? Quick! Go get 'em if you don't!

Tulsa Zoo presents Starry Safari!

The Starry Safari is a member-only zoo overnight adventure that will happen one night only on Friday, May 20th, 2011 at 6:00pm. You'll have a chance to tour the zoo AFTER hours (Ooooo...how cool and oh-so-exciting!) and swing over to the Nature Exchange for some more fun.

BBQ and Summer. Summer and BBQ.

Barbeque is not just slappin' some meat on a grill and hopin' for the best. Nope. It's an art form. And I don't trust myself to make it. And I love to cook. So when you find a good barbeque it becomes a staple in your life.

We’re Baaaaaack!

After a brief hiatus, TulsaGuide.com is back! (applause, applause!) We took a vacation to a deserted island, lived off the land for a while and then decided that Tom Hanks did a good enough job of that in “Castaway” and packed up and headed back home. Tulsa we missed you! Did you miss us? Don’t […]

Hibiscus is Dee-lish-cus.

Jamaican-Caribbean cuisine in Tulsa? Huh? No, really. It’s there. And it’s awesome. You walk into this quaint little place right on Brookside and I hear some killer drums and I know the mood is set. Now, I will say this…if you’re expecting speedy service…this is not the place to go. But, if you can grasp […]