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Get your discs out! And I’m not talking CDs.

Disc Golf!

Disc Golf. Not to be confused with “frolf.” The two are very different. Disc golf has a more defined set of rules played out on courses that are specifically designed for the sport. In frolf, the world is your course, so to speak.

But here’s the gist of what disc golf is:

Similarly to the game of golf, individual players throw a flying disc into a basket or a specific target. The Professional Disc Golf Association says, “The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.” The popularity of the sport has grown over the past 5-plus years and the number of courses nationwide is estimated at over 3,000 as of 2010! And what’s really cool is that approximately 87% of those courses are free. Take that to the bank!

Disc Golf

If you’ve never played before, locate a nice shady spot on Riverside or Hunter’s Park (out of the line of fire though!) and watch the game, maybe even talk to some of the people playing (I bet they’ll be your best friend if you have an ice cold beverage to offer)!

I was amazed to find that Tulsa has several great courses, leagues and a very cohesive community. Check out Tulsa Disc Sports Association to learn more as they have tons of information about leagues, membership and more on their site. Tulsa Disc Golf is also a great way to connect with players on Facebook.

Now go get your disc golf on. See you on the course!

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May 18th, 2011


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